penquin_foam_imagePenguin Foam and Foamply System (FIPG)

A unique wet apply one component foam in place gasket material and a proprietary FOAMPLY system to mix the material with dry air to create a fast thermal cure flexible polyurethane Foam-in-Place Gasket (FIPG) designed to increase productivity, reduce takt time and the labor costs associated with cut gaskets.

With applications ranging from automotive, appliance and packaging to electronic and industrial components, Penguin Foam is the fastest and simplest way to seal your production parts.

Penguin Foam has been successfully used around the world since 1998. As Sunstar Engineering has production, sales and technical support throughout Asia, Europe and the Americas, the Penguin Foam is ideal for your global programs.

  • Penguin Foam 3151 – Link to Technical Leaflet – PLEASE PROVIDE
  • Penguin Foam 3160 – Link to Technical Leaflet – PLEASE PROVIDE


Using the same concept as the Penguin Foam Thermal Cure FIPG
products, R&D is developing a one component UV cure PAD
material to replace peel and stick/die cut pads for Buzz, Squeak
and Rattle. The concept will reduce the floor space required as
compared to an oven with the ability to use UV to cure the material
in less than 5 seconds.