glass_bonding_imageGlass Bonding (Direct Glazing)

An automotive window is bonded to painted body directly with glass bonding adhesive. (Direct Glazing) Sunstar was the 1st commercial producer of Direct Glazing adhesive in Japan in 1978. Sunstar’s DG is used on over 60% of automotive assembly lines in Asia. Sunstar DG adhesive is based on polyurethane technology. Direct Glazing method consists of adhesive, body primer (Paint primer), glass primer.


Sunstar offers a variety of glass bonding direct glazing and glass primers for automotive applications. Our primer material helps the improvement of window glass bonding.


  • Excellent initial bonding performance
  • Durability of the glass
  • High green strength

door_hole_sealer_imageDoor Hole Sealer

Sunstar offers a solvent-free door hole sealer designed to adhere to aluminum or steel to seal polyethylene film around the automobile door hole. Our sealer stays permanently tacky and will never harden. Reduced application temperatures make Sunstar door hole sealer a safe alternative to hot apply applications.


  • Solvent free – Low VOC
  • Excellent workability
  • High resistance to heat, cold, and humidity
  • Good re-attach ability of PE film for service of parts
  • Capable of being applied by manual application
  • Low application temperature (60C)