Adhesives: Solvent Based

Automotive suppliers are often required to meet high heat and humidity specifications, or the process may require high initial tack. Sunstar offers both one- and two-component solvent-based adhesives specifically designed to meet these demands. Contact your Sunstar sales representative for more information.

Polychloroprene Adhesives

Our niche in the market is our adhesives do not require the polypropylene parts (PP) to be pretreated. The three adhesives share basic chemistry, differing in solvent blend. All three contain ethyl acetate, cyclohexane and methanol. 321LH and 323LH contain heptane and are BTX free with very low levels of HAPs (LH) 378U contains hexane and toluene

  • All three perform well at temperatures up to 105C
  • Easily sprayed or hand applied with a wide workability window
  • Adheres to a variety of materials – polyurethane foam, fabrics, and carpet with rapid bond strength

Styrene Block Copolymer Adhesive

Similar rubber-resin chemistry as the polychloroprene for strong peel strength. The adhesive contains both hard (styrene) and soft segments of the polymer. The adhesive does not require cross-liniking.

  • Heat Resistance 80C
  • Excellent Moisture resistance
  • Adheres to untreated polypropylene parts and foam
  • Superior storage stability
  • Lower cost alternative to polychloroprene adhesives


  • Adhesive is applied by a roll coater
  • Adheres to untreated polypropylene foam
  • No need to spray adhesive, end user only needs to apply to the part. The adhesive is reactivated by heat.
  • Excellent Heat Resistance >110C
  • Both part and foam must be heated to achieve acceptable bond strength.

Two Component

  • 913B is a solution of polyurethane resin in fast-evaporating solvents
  • Hardener 27 is a diluted solution of an isocyanate
  • Combine @ a 20:1 ratio
  • Excellent Heat Resistance up to 105C
  • Develops excellent cohesive strength and good adhesion to ABS and high energy plastics
  • Pot Life of MIXED material is 8 hours at 30C

water-based_adhesives_imageAdhesives: Water Based

Sunstar’s water-based adhesives eliminate many of the hazardous chemicals found in solvent-based adhesives, allowing for more environmentally-friendly manufacturing. Water-based adhesives are non-flammable and allow for easy clean up. Sunstar offers a line of water-based adhesives that meet or exceed most automotive specifications. We have the capability to design adhesives that satisfy our customers’ needs. Our water-based adhesives are designed to bond a variety of foam and substrate combinations including PP, PE, PU, and TPO foams to PP and TPO substrates. Corona or flame treatment is not required for substrates when using Sunstar adhesives. Advantages:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Non-flammable
  • Excellent sprayability
  • High heat resistance
  • High initial tack
  • No need for corona or flame treatment


  • Instrument Panels
  • Door Panels
  • Door Trim Panels
  • Package Trays
  • Glove Boxes
  • Pillars
  • Seats

One Component

1914U Penguin Bond 1914U is a one-component water based adhesive designed to bond foams (PP, PE, PU, TPO) to PP and TPO substrates. Penguin Bond 1914U gives the user the ability to bond low-surface-energy materials. This adhesive offers excellent sprayability and high tack.

  • Excellent adhesion to untreated polypropylene
  • Good adhesion to urethane foams
  • Excellent storage stability
  • Upto 80C heat resistance
  • Excellent workability window

1941U Penguin Bond 1941U is a one-component water based adhesive that is initially-pressure-sensitive and can be further activated with heat. It is designed to bond a variety of foams (PP, PE, PU, TPO) to PP and TPO substrates. This adhesive offers excellent sprayability and aggressive tack.

R&D One Component


  • Untreated Polypropylene
  • Heat resistance up to 105C
  • Excellent workability window

R&D Two Component


  • Untreated Polypropylene
  • Heat resistance up to 105C
  • Excellent workability window