Hem Flange Adhesivehem_flange_adhesive_image

One component modified epoxy base Excellent anti-corrosion property and adhesion to oily surface.

  • One component modified epoxy base
  • Excellent anti-corrosion property
  • Adhesion to oily surface

Sunstar offers a range of products based on program’s. Our R&D team uses our base formulation as a starting point and can modify the design depending on the program specifications. Please contact Sunstar to discuss your program and specifications.

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weld-shopStructural Adhesives

One component modified epoxy base Excellent adhesion to oily surface as well as anti-fatigue property.

  • One component modified epoxy base
  • Excellent adhesion to oily surface as
  • Anti-fatigue property

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mastic_adhesive_imageMastic Adhesive

Sunstar proposes a one-component PVC-free mastic sealer, available in foaming or non-foaming varieties, and is designed to meet high-or-low modulus requirements. Our mastic sealers have excellent workability and adhesion to many automotive substrates (e.g. steel, galvanized steel, and aluminum).

Our mastics are designed to bond to oil-coated steel and aluminum to reduce fluttering between the inner and outer skins of hoods, doors, trunks, and roofs of the automobiles.

We also provide a universal mastic that is used in place of spot sealer and regular mastic. In addition, Sunstar technology can be customized to meet your specific hardness and expansion requirements.


  • PVC-free material
  • Aluminum bonding
  • Excellent workability
  • Low VOC content

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pumpable_sheetmetal_stiffener_imagePumpable Sheet Metal Stiffener

Pumpable Sheet Metal Stiffener is hand or robot applied material in the weld shop, used to reinforce the outer panels of the vehicle such as the door, fenders, hood, etc.


  • Cost reduction
  • Eliminate the labor cost due to automatic application of PSS
  • Eliminate the scrapping cost of the release paper for the mold stiffener
  • Improved quality
  • PSS can be applied to the part needed for reinforcement exactly
  • Weight reduction
  • Decrease the thickness of the sheet metal with maintaining body stiffness by the use of PSS

Product Example:

  • Penguin Stiffener 1190

Download Pumpable Sheet Metal Stiffener PDF

pumpable_sound_deadener_imagePumpable Sound Deadener

Pumpable Sound Deadener is a liquid applied material used in the pillars of a vehicle to prevent wind noise. This material expands over 800% in the oven.


  • Excellent sound deadening properties
  • Reduces scrap
  • Great anti sagging performance
  • Good corrosion resistance

Product Example:

  • Penguin Foam 3901